Checkout Optimization

A staggering 68 percent of consumers abandon their carts prior to checkout!
It means that on every $1,000 you are making, you could make an additional $1,000 to $2,000. Without getting additional traffic!

Cart Optimization

Cart optimization can improve your conversion rate by 30% to 120%. We will test and improve everything: Cart structure, product presentation, benefits presentation, and every other element. The process takes 5 to 8 weeks, by the end of it, you would be a thrilled eCommerce shop owner.

Upsells optimization

Smart upsells are a great way to increase revenue without increasing your spending. We will test the right way for your business to get upsells working.


What guides us?

View of a desk with electronic devices


We rely on data, not on what others are doing. It means that we continue to test our (and Yours!) assumptions, monitor results and let the data show us what people care about and how to get them to buy more.

Being effective - not polite

At Luxu, we believe in telling you the truth in your face. Companies achieve results via honest communication. Honest communication can hurt, but they help us to get into the matter much faster. We are sure that your bank account would be happy:)