Digital marketing for doctors is a new and growing field that could help physicians to get more patients, and give them an edge in attracting new patients. A recent study found that 83% of surveyed doctors who used digital marketing reported at least one tangible benefit. Learn how you can use this form of advertising to reach your target market and build your practice!

You may be wondering why you need to know about digital marketing for doctors. It is true that many medical professionals are hesitant to use social media and other forms of digital marketing because they don’t think it will help them grow their practices. However, there are a lot of benefits that come from using these methods. Doctors who do choose to use this form of advertising have the potential to reach an entirely new audience and get more patients coming in! Learn how you can benefit from digital marketing for physicians and start building your practice today!

We are familiar with the Hong Kong and Singaporean healthcare industry; In this article, we will share some advice that worked for our customers.

First of all, you need to establish your online presence.

As a doctor, you are limited with what you can say online; social media is not a place to publish research or talk about complicated medical stuff. However, you must continue to include specific information about your area of expertise and general health/problems.

In Hong Kong and Singapore, Facebook, Instagram, and the doctors listing sites are the most popular platforms to establish your online presence.

We also advise clinics to add a Google map with clinic location, opening hours and contact information on their website.

There is an ongoing trend that people no longer use online booking forms. Therefore, adding a live chat feature on the website has become essential for modern clinics. 

Clinics that use our services get an instant list of benefits:

  • Higher ranking on Google
  • More reviews from customers
  • More organic traffic to the website

Asking for reviews as a doctor

As a doctor, you can’t ask for a review the same way you would on Yelp or Google. Social media is not made to be a place of promotion, so there are some guidelines that you need to follow:

You shouldn’t ask for a review immediately after a patient’s visit.

You can ask for a review on your website, where you will find the “write a review” button.

Another option would be contacting patients through email and asking them if they wouldn’t mind telling others what they think of your practice. This method is usually very effective, but you need to be careful with the timing and wording.

Content marketing

Content marketing has been one of the most successful ways for healthcare professionals to connect with patients. Whether it’s through articles, blog entries, infographics, video content, and so on, content marketing enables you to share your knowledge with clients. If you’re a dietician, for example, you might offer dietary suggestions as well

The goal is to provide valuable content. Avoid being promotional with your content. Focus on providing value; everything else will fall in place. Also, avoid using too many medical terms. It makes your content less engaging. 

Content with fewer medical terms will easily connect with the audience and is generally understandable. 

The following statistic demonstrates the significance of content marketing in the healthcare industry.

  • Healthcare content marketing delivers a three-to-one return on investment, and outbound marketing generates 62% less revenue than other marketing strategies.
  • In a year, healthcare video marketers generate 66% more targeted leads.
  • According to the survey, 58% of health marketers have a blog.

The Importance of Location-Based-Targeting in your campaign

Location-Based-Targeting is one of the best ways to make your campaign more targeted and efficient.

Here are some examples of how location-based targeting could help you:

  • Patients can see your ad and get in touch with you faster.
  • When choosing clinics, patients often compare multiple options; therefore, making an ad location-based enables patients to see how close your clinic is to them.
  • People are more likely to call you if they see your ad next to their workplace or home.

How to stand out as a doctor?

To stand out as a clinic, you need to be unique. People need to know you are busy and that they should contact you as soon as possible. Adding a sense of urgency is a great way to get people’s attention.

To get more customers from the Internet, clinics need to have a voice and an identity of their own. If you are a cosmetic surgeon – your image must be professional, elegant and beautiful- if you are a dermatologist – your website needs to look young and fun- your future patients need to get a clear idea about what you do and who you are when they visit your website.

In summary, try to stand out from the crowd in any way possible. Be yourself, be unique and let people know that you have limited availability.

What should you do before contacting us?

Before contacting us, clinics need to have a website that contains most of the key information about their services. Business hours, contact email and phone numbers should be included on the website as well.

In addition to this, you must have a Google my business listing with complete info about your clinic/office location and opening hours.

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