Everything stop working

The problem of entering a new market

Each market is different when you enter a new and different market; things stop working. People like different things, messages, and products. What works in your current markets – suddenly stop working and the panic is starting.

The solution

Testing & Data

Smiling girl with shopping bags in the shop

Entering a new market is like starting a new company. We assume everything is going to be different. It means that every hypothesis needs to be re-tested. Everything has to be re-verified.

We use statistical and data-analytics tools to help you find the best results as fast as possible. When we test hundreds and sometimes thousands of variations – We can discover the winning formulas in weeks instead of years.


Luxu system for entering a new market

360 Infrastructure

To sell online a company needs: Warehouse, Shipping, Website, and payments.

Testing x00 of Skus

When you are entering a new market, you must test everything. With our system, we don’t test one or two SKUs, we test hundreds and thousands of SKUs.

800+ customers groups

With a huge database of 800 different customers groups – it’s easy to find customers for any type of products.

View of a desk with electronic devices

A/B Testing everything

Menus, Products, Descriptions, ADs – We are testing everything!

Engaging content

To win online, companies need to have interesting content: Videoes, Texts, and images. 

Data Data Data

With the right data – you will always win. 

You will know what people are looking for, what they like, what they don’t like and how to get them to buy. 

Got Questions?


It depends on the number of SKUs, markets you are trying to reach and a few other factors. However, from our experience, It’s always than having even one internal hire.

It depends on the company, budget, products and target markets. The average is between 80 to 150 days. 

Yes, if you are unhappy, you don’t have to pay.

At Luxu, we believe in data, it means we are testing hundreds and sometimes thousands of combinations. It gives us an advantage over other companies which test 5 to 20 variations.